In this eight week class you will learn to write a TV pilot by...writing a TV pilot. You'll be guided through the process each step of the way, learning fun tips & techniques, as you bring your TV show idea to life. That's right, in just eight short weeks everyone who completes the class will have a finished draft of an original 30-minute pilot.


This one-day seminar provides you with all the steps necessary to create your own original 30-minute pilot. You’ll learn everything from story and character development to creating an outline to writing your script, editing it and punching it up. Come see how simple - not easy, but simple - it is to bring your TV ideas to life.


Script consultations are in-person conversations about the state of your script. Ben provides detailed feedback and a big picture assessment. Story feedback is offered in written form only. Ben gives big & small picture notes on the general outline. This service is only available to graduated students.